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OPRD Wants to Know Where Paddlers Paddle

Dr. Kreg Lindberg, professor at OSU’s Cascade Campus, sent a survey link to randomly selected non-motorized boaters to get their input on various factors related to paddling in Oregon. He’s conducting the survey on behalf of Oregon Parks and Recreation (OPRD). Those selected to participate can also request to take a paper form of the survey, which they can mail back to OPRD, or decline the survey if they choose. Participants are asked to complete the survey within three weeks of receiving their letter from Dr. Lindberg.

The intent of the survey is to gather information on what Oregon regions non-motorized boaters paddled between August 2013 and July 2014, specifically which lakes, rivers, and bays paddlers frequented; how often; and what their spending habits were when visiting these locations. The survey also asks what concerns paddlers have when paddling, would they like to see OPRD produce a map that displays launch sites and navigational obstructions, what launch facilities they use and would use, and if they are receptive to a fee and how the money should be used. The proposed annual fee of $15 would include the Aquatic Invasive Species Permit (AISP). Also of interest to OPRD is what bodies of water paddlers would like to see as part of a water trail system.

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