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Carrying Your Aquatic Invasive Species Permit

I fellow paddler recently posted a question on a local paddling board on where is the best place to attach her Aquatic Invasive Species Permit (AISP). She had purchased a Tyvek tag that allows paddlers to fasten the tag to their boats. Here was my suggestion to her.

Do not attach the tag to your boat. There is the chance that when you're transporting your boat down the highway the wind will eventually rip the tag from the boat.

The best place to carry your AISP is in your PFD. Why is that? Coast Guard rules require that you either wear your PFD or at least carry it in your boat when paddling. Most high-quality PFDs have at least one pocket on them. Keep your AISP in your PFD's pocket. That way you're not likely to forget or lose the permit. If your permit is in your PFD and you forget your PFD, then you're out of luck because you won't be able to go paddling anyway unless you return home to retrieve your PFD. You could of course buy a cheap PFD for the day, but you're still without your permit and now out additional money because you had to buy a new PFD.

If your PFD doesn't have a pocket, it at least has some straps to which you can attach the permit. Tuck the tag in between the strap and the shell of the PFD to keep the permit out of the way.

You don't want to tape the permit to your boat because a sheriff is going to want to see the permit. If you tape it, then you'll have to pull the tape from the boat to hand the sheriff your permit and then reattach the permit. Besides, if you have the Tyvek type of permit, it has holes to attach it to the PFD. If you choose to zip tie the permit to your boat, say the thwart, you may also run into difficulty showing the sheriff your permit.

Keeping it in the pocket of your PFD just makes showing the permit easier, and there's less chance of forgetting it.

A final word on the permit. Buy the Tyvek type. You can get the permit from the Oregon State Marine Board or REI. If you buy the permit from Dicks or BiMart or some other sporting goods store, you're most likely to get the paper version that is nothing more than a register receipt, similar to a fishing license. You will have to store the permit in a plastic bag because water will degrade the permit if it gets wet.

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