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  • Radford Bean

New Campground to be Built at Beaver Creek

Oregon Parks and Recreation (OPRD) reports that it has secured land bordering the southern bank of Beaver Creek on the Oregon coast for a new campground. The campground, when completed, will provide the closest lodging for those interested in paddling the creek.

Beaver Creek is a popular destination for canoeists and kayakers and a great place for beginning paddlers. OPRD offers summer tours of Beaver Creek, and the new campground will provide a convenient location for those taking the tour to stay overnight; paddlers currently have to stay at South Beach State Park, just south of Newport.

The area between the marsh and the hills on the south side of Beaver Creek is rather narrow, so OPRD is currently considering whether to have sites that will accommodate both RVs and tents or just tents.

Look for more information in future blog posts.

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