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ACA Releases a New Mobile App

The American Canoe Association (ACA) has released a new smartphone app for Android and iPhone users that features a wealth of cool tools for paddlers. Click here to access the link to the app. I've had the chance to check it out, and I highly recommend paddlers download the app.

Some of the features I find most useful are:

  • Environment

  • Gear Up

  • Float Plans

  • Education

The other features include Save a Life, Report Accident, Contact ACA, Organizations, and Find Instructions. However, I think paddlers will find the previous four items I listed to be the most widely used.


This tool provides paddlers with weather and river flow rates for a particular river. It will also bring up a map of that stretch of the river for which the flow rate applies.

Gear Up

Select the type of boat you use and where you will be using it, and the app brings up a convenient check list. The one drawback here is that they failed to provide a choice for overnight camping.

Float Plans

You can create your own float plan that allows you to e-mail information about your float trip to emergency contacts. This feature, along with the Gear Up tool, are probably the most valuable tools in this app and make downloading the app really worthwhile.


Here you'll find information about paddle and hand signals, navigation aids, safety tips, and videos about how to perform rescues and other safety information.

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