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Fees Assessed to Non-Motorized Boaters in Other States

In the last issue of Oregon Paddler, I discussed the fee that the Oregon State Marine Board (OSMB) was considering assessing on non-motorized boats. The fee was a partial response to help mitigate the complaints it has received from motorized boat owners who feel they are paying for all the facilities that non-motorized boat owners are also using.

The agency is self-funded and is also facing a budget shortfall, which the fee would help alleviate.

Since 2011, the number of non-motorized boaters in Oregon has surpassed the number of motorized boaters.

To try and determine what would be an ideal fee to assess Oregon’s non-motorized boaters, OSMB conducted a nationwide survey of the fees other states charge their non-motorized boaters. Forty-nine states responded to Oregon’s survey, the exception being New Jersey. Many states had more than one response.

Some states charge a title fee, some a registration fee, some both, and some charge an access fee. OSMB received results on all types of non-motorized boats, including rafts, sailboats, pool toys, and inflatables.

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