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If you're new to Oregon or paddling, you've come to the right place. Canoe & Kayak Oregon is your source for information about paddling in Oregon. Canoe & Kayak Oregon is here to help paddlers like you find great places to paddle that are suitable to all levels of paddling experience. You'll also find information to help you learn more about paddling and clubs with members willing to mentor you.

Fisherman on Hosmer Lake
Paddlers on Beaver Creek

Check out the various paddling events held throughout the year by Canoe & Kayak Oregon and various paddling outfits.

Paddlers on Waldo Lake

Oregon is home to many beautiful lakes, bays, rivers, and creeks. You'll find write-ups on some of those locations as well as a map showing launch points throughout the state.


Find information to help you learn more about paddling, locate local retail paddling companies, and find paddling organizations.

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